Water consists of 70% of the earth. Studies conducted by the World Wildlife Fund showed that most sea animals are at risk. Such proof is quite unfortunate, which is why protecting fish and preventing them from extinction is important. There is a high growth rate of endangered fish, especially in the US which is quite frightening.

Almost a quarter of all fish species have become extinct since the first settlement of Anglo-Europeans. The number of most fish species has decreased due to overfishing among other factors — the areas that experience this include; the Pacific Northwest, and the North Atlantic.

Fish was in abundance in the beginning, which made people believe their population couldn't decrease. However, this has turned out to be the opposite. The Pacific used to provide an abundance of fish at a meager price, but this has changed over time.

What Makes A Fish Species Endangered?

The National Marine Fisheries Service and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services use specific criteria to determine an endangered species. Some of the points they consider include:

  • If the species is threatened by predation or disease
  • Presence of man-made factors that threaten the long-term survival of the species
  • If a huge percentage of the species has been destroyed
  • If a species has been consumed by recreational, scientific, or commercial use
  • If the current legislation doesn’t adequately protect the species

Fish Population

A report by the Scientific American Magazine reveals that there’s a decline in the number of endangered fish species in the world’s oceans.  The problem is attributed to not being able to draw the line between overfishing and sustainable fishing. Drought may also contribute to the extinction of different fish species.

Ways To Protect Endangered Fish From Extinction

Below are some ways on how to protect fish and prevent them from extinction.

Know Which Species Are Endangered

The best way in which we can help protect endangered fish is by knowing which species exactly are on the verge of extinction. You need to know about this and even teach your friends and family. By learning about these fish species and education others, it can significantly help to make a difference. By gaining knowledge about the endangered species, you can also get to learn their importance as well as interesting facts about them.

Nature and even wildlife animals provide plenty of benefits. Fish is no exception. In as much as it is a source of food conserving nature and animals therein is also our responsibility and has its advantages too. Make sure you familiarize yourself with nature and learn how you can help.

Recycle Products

Recycling is essential for environmental conservation. As a way to help protect fish, you can consider recycling various products and even buying sustainable products. Sustainable products to review in this case may include wood products and bamboo. Using recycled and sustainable products decrease the high rate of the population on the environment which may help prevent sea animals from any harm.  

Ensure that the products you use are ones that don’t cause harm to the environment. If you also live around water areas like near lakes and oceans you can refrain from polluting the water with garbage or any other harmful products. Abstaining from pollution will contribute to a sustainable environment for wildlife animals and protect any endangered species.

Join Conservation Groups

Tree planting

Image Source : pixabay

Conservation groups have proven to be extremely useful in helping to make a change. One of the ways you can help protect fish and prevent extinction is by joining conservation initiatives. Joining conservation initiatives is an excellent way of showing support. You can do this by being involved either locally or internationally. You can support marine biologists and scientists who are working on learning and understanding sea creatures.

You can use the power of social media to share this knowledge and links to these discoveries from these conservation initiatives with your friends online. By sharing such information online, people can get to learn about the research and various measures to take concerning sea animals. An excellent resource for information to consider can be the NOAA.

Know The Source Of Your Seafood

The fact is Americans love seafood. According to research conducted in 2009 by NOAA, it showed that Americans consumed 4.833 pounds of seafood. When divided by each person it showed that each person consumed 15.8 pounds of shellfish and fish approximately. The unfortunate fact about this is that only a few people know the source of the seafood they take.

You need to know the source of the seafood you purchase to help in protecting any fish. Make sure you have knowledge on which species are extinct and buy seafood harvested without any harm caused.

Refrain From Using Plastic

Plastic has proven to kill tens of thousands of marine animals every year. The worrying fact about this is that the production of plastic is about 275 million annually. Out of all the plastic produced, approximately 4 to 12 million tons of the plastic finds its way into oceans and destroy sea animals.

If you want to be part of helping to protect fish and prevent them from extinction, you can consider refraining from using old school plastics. With a little effort from you and others, it can help limit the rate of plastic that finds its way into water bodies like oceans and lakes.  

As an alternative, you can opt for reusable water bottles, use disposable containers to store food, and use a cloth bag for shopping.

Respect Nature

Nature provides us with so many things and benefits which mean that without it we would be at a disadvantage. One of the many ways that can help you respect nature is by exploring and learning about the benefits that it has to offer to us.

You can visit national parks and sea parks to see this for yourself and gain as much knowledge as you can about nature. By doing so, you will familiarize yourself with nature and connect with it most effectively.

Connecting with nature can change your perspective about certain things which in turn can help you strive to protect certain species which may be on the verge of extinction.

In this case, we would recommend you try to learn about various species of fish and know how beneficial they are to humans and the importance of protecting them.

Eliminating Streams

Streams have also shown to be a factor that contributes to the extinction of most fish. Lack of water and dams are part of this.

When more people occupy the land, there is an increase in runoff water into streams. Therefore, when it rains the water from the rain goes through the streams and collects pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, and petroleum products, among other human pollutants.

Treatment level in these streams is minimal which endanger sea animals. Dams also affect fish that require migrating upstream to breed.

Dams are severe obstacles to fish. Also, due to climate change and high population in the United States lack of water has been experienced which negatively affects sea animals like fish. Looking at these factors and trying to come up with the right solution can help protect fish from extinction.

Fish Competition

Fish competition is also another factor that can contribute to the extinction of various fish species. A high competition of the same resources from other fishes negatively affects some fish species. Humans have brought about the imbalance of these resources.

People have introduced new species especially from fishers who release unused bait, mostly from government agencies. These government agencies release sport fish which they want to see in their streams and lakes.

Because all these are invasive species, it has brought about serious completion within the various fish species leading to the extinction of some. Trying to curb such activities can help in making sure there is protection for the endangered fish and save others that may almost be on the point of extinction.  

Protect Their Habitat

To protect endangered species is we need safeguard where they live. Wild animals face a lot of challenges such as destruction, competition from each other, and even pollution from humans. People can cause huge destruction on wildlife habitats; you can see why the extinction of some species has taken place.

Protecting these habitats occupied by wild animals such as the lakes and oceans for fish, we can help minimize or even alleviate the high rate of extinction.

Join Conservation Initiatives

You can participate in a local or global conservation initiative. Have your friends take part and share news about endangered fish species and the various measures people can take to cut down these worrying numbers.

Final Thoughts

Protecting endangered species is a noble cause because it is one way of conserving nature and making sure there is a balance between humans and wild animals. From the points discussed above, you can see various ways to consider if you are enthusiastic about protecting sea animals from extinction.