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Our Global Climate is a comprehensive website sharing the most up-to-date information on global climate change and its effects across the planet.

Superstorms. Humongous hurricanes. Massive earthquakes. Bomb cyclones. Polar vortexes. Terrifying tornados.

Our planet is constantly going through change and upheaval, and with a population that is growing exponentially, these changes often lead to major disasters. The loss of human life and property can be staggering.

For many climate scientists, the cause is clear: Human activity creates pollution that affects the earth’s weather patterns.

This is called “anthropogenic climate change.”

Even many climate change skeptics agree that our climate is changing, they just disagree on the cause. (Solar activity and natural climate cycles are two popular interrelated non-anthropogenic climate change theories.)

Adding to the problem of extreme weather is the proliferation of people living in areas that used to be sparsely populated. A tornado causing millions in property damage in 2018 may not have had as much impact in 1978.

Many scientists and leaders agree that something must be done to mitigate the effects on climate change on the planet.

Why Climate Change is Important

Climate change affects us all one way or another, directly or indirectly. Extremes in weather can see populations enduring sweltering summers alternating with frigid-cold winters.

What about rising ocean waters? Critics would say that beach erosion affecting wealthy people with beach-front homes is hardly a crisis that affects everyone. This might be true in a developed country such as the United States where oceanfront property often costs millions.

Yet, in many undeveloped nations, oceans aren’t for recreation but for fishing and industry. There, poor people ply their trades and fight to survive in a tough and unforgiving world.

Furthermore, climate change can have a tremendously negative impact on native wildlife species. Polar bears, penguins, seals, and walruses – all these animals can be negatively impacted with melting ice and a reduction of natural habitat.

Something Must Be Done to Combat Climate Change

At Our Global Climate, we believe that action needs to be taken today to stop climate change before it gets worse. To this end, we offer a variety of resources to help the cause.

We’ll also look at ways to mitigate climate change. For example, trees are natural consumers of carbon dioxide, so reforestation is one way excess carbon emissions can be combatted safely and naturally.

What You Can Do to Help

As they say, information is power. You can help by staying up-to-date with the latest climate change news.

At Our Global Climate, we promise to help by compiling the latest in global climate change news and information. Spread the word and share our links on social media.